Kraftwerk month #3 The El Lissitzky influence

El Lissitzky – ‘And on the black was established Red Clearly’

UK promo triple gatefold 7″ cover for ‘The Robots / Spacelab’,

(below) 7″ front cover from Belgium and back covers from France and Italy for the same.

3 thoughts on “Kraftwerk month #3 The El Lissitzky influence

  1. I bought my copy of the Robots 7″ from one of those electrical hardware stores that sold vacuum cleaners, cookers and also had a small selection of records at the back. The sleeve was the standard picture edition and was lost long ago. I was 15 and staying in a small country town outside Wuppertal as part of a school German exchange trip. It was the first time I fell in love – with my exchange partner’s sister, Elke Werft. Sigh.

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