Mini CDs #10: Boards of Canada – Sometime In The Future

BoC CD closedBack in the 00’s, when I had a bit more time on my hands, I would make physical editions of some of my more conceptual mixes for Solid Steel. I wanted to do something really special for the release of ‘Geogaddi’, BoC’s second album, being a big fan of the group. There was a lot of secrecy surrounding this record and I was given a copy of the album by Warp just before the release. I rushed through it in a weekend to make the deadline for the radio show so that this could be transmitted on Solid Steel the week it was released. As a thank you I made 10 copies in a fold out hexagon sleeve (based on the Andromeda Strain soundtrack packaging), each with a different sticker inside and a 3″ CD containing the mix. I sent four to Mike & Marcus, two to Warp and kept four for myself.

BoC insideBoC inside 2

4 thoughts on “Mini CDs #10: Boards of Canada – Sometime In The Future

  1. Great mix and great design. This would have looked nice for the official geogaddi promo 12″ in that dark blue.

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