Mini CDs #14: Squarepusher – Square Window promo + Hello Everything special edition

Squarepusher back The ‘Square Window’ mini CD came with orders from Warpmart for the album ‘Ultravisitor’ in 2004 but also came as a separate CD with the Japanese edition.Squarepusher CD front

This edition of ‘Hello Everything’ from 2006 came with a bonus 3″ CD as part of what looks like a unique recyclable eco pack CD, I seem to remember there were a few such things around at the time. I think these were the only mini CDs Tom ever did in the UK, there’s a Japanese one for ‘Cooper’s World/Vic Acid’ but I don’t have that.Squarepusher Hello Everything front Squarepusher Hello Everything insideSquarepusher Hello Everything discsSquarepusher Hello Everything back

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