Moosekid Comics #2


A year is a long time but when you’re working for the love of it and trying to pull together nearly 40 artists and writers to make a free comic that showcases the wealth of talent in the UK for children’s comics it can go in the blink of an eye. A year on from the first issue Moose Kid is back, helmed by Jamie Smart (who draws Bunny vs Monkey and Looshkin for The Phoenix amongst other things).
Among the old faces back from issue one like Gary Northfield (Gary’s Garden, Julius Zebra), Tom Paterson and Alan Martin‘s Young Tank Girl there are new faces too. Jonathan Edwards and Felt Mistress contribute a photo story of their character Tippy and one newcomer, Aisyah Stevens, is only 15 and was discovered at a Moose Kid comics workshop last year. You can read the new issue, as well as the first one, for FREE over on the Moose Kid website. Any parent with children who love comics should read this and, like The Phoenix, no adverts, no tie-ins to films, computer games or TV shows, all original content.


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