Originals # 10 • Kevin O’Neill – Tube Warrior


Kevin O’Neill‘Tube Warrior’ illustration, 1980

(430 x 360 mm, black ink on art board).

2000ad Prog 174 cover.

6 thoughts on “Originals # 10 • Kevin O’Neill – Tube Warrior

  1. Yep, but you can;t take it with you, whoever has most art wins. anytime you tire of Tube warrior, or clash of the war droids, let me know :)

  2. picked up the cover, dos and internal page from prog 474….the Mutie from Radburg that thinks he is dredd……..its awesome!

  3. Oh man, this is pure gold! Love Kev O’Neill’s artwork. I picked up a couple of pieces of his work recently. The linework and angles are crazy. Amazing cover………

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