Originals #18 • Kevin O’Neill – Nemesis spread Prog 347

Kevin O’Neill – original inks, Tom Frame – colours (unconfirmed) – ‘Nemesis The Warlock Book III’ Pgs 16-17, 1983

(53.7 x 35.5 cm, acetate overlay, watercolour on card).

Production artwork for colour centre spread, 2000ad prog 347.

2 thoughts on “Originals #18 • Kevin O’Neill – Nemesis spread Prog 347

  1. You’re right David, as much as the outlines aren’t original on pieces like these, the colouring most definitely is and this would have been the art that went to the printer to create the colour pages back in the 80’s.

  2. Yum. Did that come from Steve Cook’s Thrill-vault? It’s fantastic to see all the production pieces he’s digging up; usually I don’t have much interest in this type of stuff, but they’re outstandingly lovely and I covet them horribly.

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