Originals #22 • Kev Walker – Tharg

Kev Walker – ‘Tharg– 2001

(59.4 x 420 cm, ink on paper).

I was recently lucky enough to win the original pencil sketch from a seller on eBay too…

(59.4 x 420 cm, pencil on paper – image is cropped down, the drawing is nearer A4 in size).

Original pencil and ink drawings for the cover of 2000ad Prog 1263.

Note from Kev Walker: “I blew them up on my printer, then drew the linework in ink. Then I scan the linework, and fill in the solid blacks on the computer and add any other stuff that needs adding. In Photoshop, nothing else.

They really should be classed as final pencils, because hardly anything changes from those. I draw at print size cos I find it easier to judge how much space I’m leaving for speech bubbles.”

One thought on “Originals #22 • Kev Walker – Tharg

  1. That there’s some lovely artwork – and as it’s clearly gone to a good home I’m not even that grumpy about being outbid on it (I don’t even remember if it was last-minute; busy travelling at the time this ended). Kev Walker’s style has changed so much; I love his earlier stuff on the ABC Warriors but this style is even better (and Mandroid will always be one of my favourite stories – classic stuff.)

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