Originals #24 • Ian Gibson – 2000ad Prog 80 cover

Ian Gibson ‘Robo Hunter’ illustration, 1978

(430 x 360 mm, black ink on art board).

2000ad Prog 80 cover.

2 thoughts on “Originals #24 • Ian Gibson – 2000ad Prog 80 cover

  1. Absolutely, this, along with the Kev O’Neill’s of the same time, are the jewels in my original art collection. This was one of the very first pieces I bought and, in hindsight, I was extremely lucky to get such a prize piece as there weren’t so many people collecting back then.
    It sits on the wall to the right of my monitors and when I was searching for a space-related title for a track on the album I happened to glance up at it and the immortal line ‘In Orbit Every Monday’ made the decision for me.

  2. Having chatted with Ian Gibson about the long-lost Verdus artwork recently, seeing this gives me goosebumps… Early Sam Slade represents some of my earliest and fondest memories of 2000AD; amazing stuff. Lovely to see this, Kev.

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