Originals #26 • Henry Flint – ‘Deadlock’ Ep5, Pg 3

Henry Flint ‘Deadlock’ Ep 5, Pg 3, 2000

(594 x 420 mm, black ink and Letratone on art board).

2000ad Prog 1216.

3 thoughts on “Originals #26 • Henry Flint – ‘Deadlock’ Ep5, Pg 3

  1. The Big Two? Is that another Power Girl reference? Heh. I’m sure Henry will have a great time at SDCC, but you’re probably right about him being in for a shock. Meanwhile, I’ve yet to see the sketches Henry did for me; hopefully someone will send me some scans soon…

  2. I just listened to it this morning actually, I love that Henry doesn’t really have a clue about much of the big two characters and who does what (pretty much like myself) I think he’s in for a big shock at San Diego, especially when doing sketches for people.:)

  3. Great stuff, Kev. Did you catch the recent ECBT2000AD podcast with Henry cackling away? Some really nice insights into Henry’s processes…

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