Originals #4 • Roger Mainwood – Autobahn animation cels

Autobahn 1Roger Mainwood‘Autobahn’ animation cels, Halas & Batchelor, 1979
(330 x 270 mm, pen and paint on acetate).

In 1979 animation studio Halas & Batchelor were commisioned by EMI to make a video to accompany Kraftwerk’s song ‘Autobahn’ for a possible laser disc compilation of the label’s back catalogue. These are two original cels from the film, the background and goggle reflections are lost, the laser disc was never released.

You can watch the film in two parts on YouTube, this frame appears at approx 4.22 in Part 2.

Part 1 Part 2


2 thoughts on “Originals #4 • Roger Mainwood – Autobahn animation cels

  1. I sure would love to own one or more of those Autobahn animation cels!

    Anyone interested in allowing me to do so PLEASE feel free to contact me!

    Thank You!

  2. I’ve seen this before – Kraftwerk surely themselves had nothing at all to do with this commission, it’s just too far from any of their ideas. I’m also surprised it was made so late on, looks more like a ’60s or early ’70s work.

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