Punch covers by Geoffrey Dickinson

I was alerted to the Punch cover above by the excellent Instagram account ephemeramablog and it sent me down a rabbit hole to find more. Geoffrey Dickinson did a fair bit of work for Punch over the years as far as I can ascertain as well as numerous other magazines. From the blog:
Geoffrey Dickinson (1933-1988) created these two cover illustrations for Punch magazine. Born in Liverpool, Dickinson studied at the Royal Academy Schools with the intention of becoming a landscape painter. He became a teacher while also freelancing, producing graphics and animations for BBC TV. Dickinson began contributing to Punch in 1963 and produced numerous covers. He took the position of Deputy Art Editor at Punch while continuing to freelance, working for Reader’s Digest, Which?, Esquire, Highlife, Hallmark Cards and more. In 1966, he also created the notable “Swinging Sixties” cover for Time Magazine. In 1984, Dickinson left Punch and joined the Financial Times, producing a daily pocket cartoon and illustrations for the weekend supplement.

Time Swinging Sixtiespunch-magazine-dated-11th-september-1968-illustration-by-geoffrey-EWD2F097284851_367948707497781_3382373416050321216_n s-l1600 s-l16002 s-l16003 Two-Original-Cartoons-by-Punch-Cartoonist-Geoffrey-Dickinson-Vintage-c1960_2_2048x

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  1. Hi Peter, I was a student at Selhurst from 1958 to 1965 and Geoffrey was my art teacher too. A great inspiration, he encouraged me to go to art college where I specialized in stage design. I worked in the. Theatre for many years designing and p0aint
    Scenery and designing costumes and special events until recent retirememt and ill health prevented further work. I have so much to thank him for. A number of years ago I bought an original framed Dickinson original bought from a London dealer specializing in work by illustrators. I am hoping to give it to Russell Spencer Gray who was also taught by Geoffrey. You might remember him or even me!) if you send me a photo of yourself at Selhurst might remember you. If you can send me a WhatsApp that would be the best way to communicate. My phone number I can send you later or you might find it. I am living in Tuscany Italy having lived in Hong Kong for many years. Best regards Brian

  2. Geoffrey Dickinson was my art master at Selhurst Grammar School around 1960-1963. We benefitted from having an extremely witty teacher who could also make it in the real world. We also had T.T. James as a music master. We were very lucky.

  3. You are correct – he worked as the Deputy Art Editor at Punch. I know because I worked with Geoff and Bill Hewison (art editor) from September 1969 – to sometime in late 1971 as number 3 in the art department. My first design job after leaving the London College of Printing. Both really great guys to work with for a first job. Not sure I understood in those days much about who I was working with, what with being young and wrapped up in my own life. Only now can I look back appreciate the good fortune I’ve had in my design/illustration career. Thanks for posting. Only came across your blog when looking up information about Geoff for a letter I’m writing. Thanks.

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