RIP Don Joyce

I was away most of the weekend and was saddened to hear of the death of Don Joyce of Negativland. As a foremost practitioner of the cut up and a campaigner for the right to sample he was one of the pioneers. I never met him but Negativland were and are one of the bedrocks of the cut up/collage/sampling genre from their records to their Over The Edge radio shows. Here’s ‘Yellow, Black & Rectangular’ from ‘Escape From Noise’.

Their ‘Helter Stupid / The Perfect Cut’ is one of my favourite cut up records and their backing of releases like Jon Oswald‘s Plunderphonics anthology is admirable. Walking past a shelf of ephemera we have in the house today I spied this little set of badges nestled amongst them, half hidden, probably included free with a bunch of cassettes that I ordered from their website back in the midst of time. RIP Don.

Negativland badge set

Vicki Bennett aka People Like Us knew Don well and dedicated a radio show to him just last week and you can read Negativland’s heartfelt statement after his death on the KPFA radio station blog, home of Over The Edge.

4 thoughts on “RIP Don Joyce

  1. Well, yes there is that aspect of it but I take issue with absolutely free material, it’s nice in theory but only works so far in practice.

  2. That’s grand, I assumed there’d be a liberal general attitude to web reuse. Just seemed especially pertinent with the CVS badges – I can only find one other shot of them online, and it’s tiny.

    Of course if I was really entering into the CVS spirit I wouldn’t even be asking. I’d be drummed out of the union!

  3. It’s on the web so It’ll get used whether I like it or not, I just put a watermark on my photos in the hope that, in decades to come, when these images are awash in the sea of media without a link back to the original, people will hopefully know who as least took the photo and maybe come back to this portal for more. If I put something up I expect it to get reblogged, shared, stripped of its original context etc. etc. – as long as you credit the source then re-use away. If you want to make money out of it then we need to talk about a share too but that’s another story.

  4. RIP Don. Love the badge set – any chance you could put an explicit CC / Copyleft / PD licence on your pack photo for reuse?

    The (or at least *a*) CVS website still exists at – the bulletin PDF there remains excellent reading, and there are links to some core plunderphonics tracks.

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