Stations of the Elevated (1981) restored trailer

This looks incredible – a restored print of a little-known documentary of old early 80’s NYC. ‘Stations of the Elevated’ (1981) Directed by Manfred Kirchheimer.

“The first ever filmed document of graffiti, Manfred Kirchheimer’s richly chromatic 16mm tone poem sets images of the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn to a soundtrack that interweaves ambient city noises with the gutbucket gospel sound of jazz titan Charles Mingus. Long regarded by cinephiles and hip-hop heads as an obscure cult masterpiece since it premiered at the 1981 New York Film Festival, Stations of the Elevated is a celebration of a quintessentially urban art form—at a time when it was largely dismissed as vandalism. With lyrical shots of tagged trains, desolate rail yards, and other details of the urban landscape, it remains a priceless portrait of a bygone era of New York City culture. World premiere of a new restoration”
Released by Artists Public Domain/Cinema Conservancy

World Premiere New Restoration Friday, June 27 BAM Harvey Theater for BAM Cinemafest 2014
Tickets: HERE More information on Artists Public Domain

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