Wheels of Light now back in stock at Liquid Light Shop

My book, Wheels of Light, published by Four Corners Books, is now back in stock at Steve Pavolvsky‘s Liquid Light Shop online for US customers who want a copy. Steve is the main man behind Liquid Light Lab and a major player in the light show world in NYC. His website is a treasure trove of info, both technical and historical, a great place to start if you’re interested in getting into the medium. His shop is stocked with various paraphenalia that you’ll need if you want to project your own liquid light show including inks, petri dish glass, moirĂ© sheets and more. I’m so pleased he’s into the book, it’s a real seal approval from such a major figure in that world.

In other news, Optikinetics – a major part of my book – have reached their Kickstarter goal for their new home projector, the Kino. There’s still time to order one though and get a variety of additional wheel add ons. The projector can be held in one hand, is very quite and can be controlled via a app on your phone. You have just 4 days left to back the campaign – check it out here

Kino projector

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