3-Way Minimix for InnoFADER in Bristol

Cheeba, Moneyshot and I were filmed by the Scratch Pro Audio crew for the InnoFADER sessions on a boat in Bristol a couple of weeks ago. We performed a short routine culled from part of the ‘3-Way Mix’, the reconstruction of ‘Paul’s Boutique’ we’re touring this year.

The Scratch Pro Audio crew sell and distribute specialist DJ products and very kindly hooked us up with InnoFADER cross faders for our mixers and Dr Suzuki Slipmats. Along with the Rane 62 mixers, Serato DJ software & control records and Magma DJ bags, we’re very lucky to be using some of the best gear out there. Thanks guys!

All together now, “I’m on a boat motherfu…”

3 thoughts on “3-Way Minimix for InnoFADER in Bristol

  1. Oh I know they were credible! but not then! I loved moshing to Fight for you right at the youth club disco..and years later when my sister played me check your head I was so shocked! They could play??? Instruments??? (I was quite anti hiphop until I heard bizarre ride to the Pharcyde)

  2. Glad you enjoy it O’Hara – the live set is the mix broken down into thirds but remixed and extended too, it now runs to nearly 90 minutes. Come by and spot the differences and check this short video of a performance in London last year. It’s definitely not play and pose, it’s more like spinning plates or juggling for 90 minutes.
    The Beasties were credible from the off though, they blew up after the big hits of Licensed to Ill but were always seen on the same level as other Hip Hop acts up until Fight For Your Right to Party. Pauls Boutique was a reaction to that in a lot of ways, they attracted the jock element that they were actually taking the piss out of and wanted to break away from that.

  3. Your 3way Boutique mix is my favourite long player in a looong time, I missed out on Pauls Boutique first time round and didn’t realise the Beasties were credible until Check Your head? After hearing your mix I went back the source and bought a copy of the album. Tho’ it is great, I really prefer your version, the throwaway lines that you (and I mean all 3 of you) loop and make into a chorus (the “whoop whoop it’s the disco…” & “poetry in motion”) the mixtape feel of having various artists from Led Zep to Funky 4 rubbing shoulders (as close as someone could get to the feel of a proper bambaata style jam). Brilliant.
    So…what does one get that’s different when you tour it. are you tempted to just press play and pose? How will/do you reconstruct what must be scores of samples? What will I get if I see you play – apart from elbowed in the ribs by beautiful people?
    It’s always great to hear Moby Dick and no I don’t get out much!

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