A Book of Drawings by Ian McQue

I’ve featured Ian McQue‘s work before on here, his glorious colour work mostly, and now he’s produced an A4-sized book of B&W sketchbook drawings subtitled ‘Robot, Space Dudes, Flying Ships etc’.

His work is populated by flying barge-type ships, usually moored to buildings or futuristic dockyards, small insect-like craft and boxy rough-terrain vehicles. His human characters come in all shapes and sizes and his robots are of the thin, lanky variety or sometimes like spider mechs.

There are even a few deviations in the book to more fantasy countryside scenes, a page of Hellboy studies and a certain Judge costume that features here a fair bit.

The book – and several colour prints – are available from his bigcartel shop and some come with a personal sketch in the front.

2 thoughts on “A Book of Drawings by Ian McQue

  1. Hi Karl, this isn’t my artwork, this is Ian McQue’s, best hit the link in the post to go to his online shop

  2. Your art work is the best I’ve seen especially the flying ship like craft, these are extremely well thought out and one feels you took them from real life I’ve admired these and your cities along with the lone dwellings with peaked roofs and just outlandish architecture that just says people do live here.

    I just wish these books vol 1 and 2 would be available in the United States what would the cost of these books in U.S. dollars ? thank you for providing us with a fresh look of art. Karl

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