Record Roulette #5

The Audio Janitor ’Composition 11 – audio roulette for three turntables’, triple vinyl and insert in plastic folder, Liquid Sky Music, 1999, record store find, London.

The set contains three copies of the same record, a compilation of sounds, beats, spoken word and atmospheres, to be played simultaneously with effects by dropping the needle anywhere on any side for 10-20 minutes. The Audio Janitor is a pseudonym of DJ Olive and this is no.3 of 333 copies.

One thought on “Record Roulette #5

  1. I still have a copy myself, somewhere. Stumbled across it unexpectedly about 12 years ago, not having known about it before then. (Used to love the WE material back in the day.) And I believe it came with an invite. DJ Olive wanted whoever bought it to use it as a DJ tool and create their own composition from it, asking that they record the results and send him a copy.

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