5 thoughts on “Axiom

  1. I agree Colin, Laswell is one of those catalysts who can get an incredible collection of people together in the studio but the results are usually mixed. Got to give him props for having his fingerprints on so many things from Herblie Hancock’s ‘Rockit’, Time Zone’s ‘World Destruction’, early Trip Hop in the US, the Miles Davis remixes, Fax ambient collaborations with Pete Namlook and many more. His output, like the few who who release as much as he has, inevitably contains more misses than hits though.

    This post was more about the artwork really although the Orb remix of ‘Praying Mantra’ by Material is one of my favourite things the band has ever made.

  2. Agree that they’re fine designs, unfortunately for me by this time Laswell had gone off the boil musically. The stuff that sends me is his early work for Celluloid, the first three Material albums, his first, eponymous album and Low Life with Brotzmann.

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