Impressive, most impressive

Bidding ended today on a collection of Star Wars figures on eBay, rather a LARGE collection by anyone’s standards, in fact this is supposed to be over 85% of all Star Wars figures of this scale ever produced since 1978. The collection of nearly 2,000 figures was sold for $11,500 and were donated by one-time ILM model maker Fon Davis to benefit the Rancho Obi-Wan charity.

I’ve taken these images from the eBay listing, each shelf is a large jpeg which you can zoom into by clicking. SW figures aren’t personally my thing save for a few of the older ones from my childhood but that is a collection and a half.

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Custom Lego Blade Runner Spinner

That’s right, a Blade Runner Police Spinner vehicle made from Lego, custom designed and completely unauthorised. It’s not big, it’s not clever and it’s certainly not cheap when they don’t pay all the postage and you have to pick up the bill. If you fancy it for Xmas then there’s the URLs to follow in the photo and they do all sorts of other vehicles from other sci-fi franchises.

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Felt Mistress – Creature Couture book and talk

Felt Mistress aka Louise Evans has a book coming out of her creature designs from the last 18 years. 400-pages feature over 1,650 photographs, previously unseen drawings of her partner Jonathan Edwards’ original design ideas, details of every Felt Mistress collaboration with other artists and more. With in-depth interviews with Loiuse, Jonathan, Jon Burgerman, Pete Fowler, Ben Newman, John Knox, Nobrow and more, it looks like the definitive article.

If you pre-order the book from the publishers Blank Slate you’re in with a chance to win an actual Creature made by Louise which is featured in the book. One book will come with a felt ‘You Win’ ticket as seen below and details of how to claim your prize.

There are also versions of the book with Mr Tippy characters in regular and gold editions and, if you still can’t get enough creature love, you can hear Louise and Jonathan talk about the book at Foyles on Charing Cross Rd. on Dec 11th at 8.30pm. The talk is free but you have to book a place online and Jonathan will be doing creature portraits on a first come first served basis.

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1/12th scale Ma.K. Krote upcoming from 3A

I know, what the hell does that even mean?

Ma.K (aka Maschinen Krueger or SF3D) = Vintage line of Japanese toys by Kow Yokoyama and was one of (if not THE) originators of the weathered, realistic looking mechs and vehicles.

3A = Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong‘s toy company who have taken inspiration from Kow amongst others and raised the level of toy making higher than most in recent years.

Don’t ask when these will be available or how much they will cost because I don’t know, you just have to keep an eye on the 3A blog or sign up to their newsletter.

Lego love

Lego is a very big deal in our house with my boys making new things all the time and new figures or sets high on the birthday and Xmas list. I found this Enter The Dragon pastiche on the web and photographed the Star Wars poster on the tube back in March.

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Cabaret Mechanical Theatre at Space Station 65

The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre are the guest exhibitors this summer at Space Station 65‘s gallery in North Cross Road, East Dulwuch, London. More than 20 mechanical artworks, or Automata if you prefer, are on display for free and fantastic for adults and kids alike. The CMT website has more info about what they do as well as lots to read and learn if you want to get into making automata. They also have various papercraft models on sale at the exhibition so you can make your own.

The gallery is open every day except Mondays 11-6pm and it’s free, also if you’re in the area, the East Dulwich Picture Gallery is a short bus ride up the hill and they have an Andy Warhol screenprint exhibition on.

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Spotted in Kid Koala’s studio

I visited Eric San yesterday (aka Kid Koala) and got co-opted into drawing a piece of artwork for his new album (I didn’t mind a bit). While I was there I took these shots around his ridiculously packed studio.

Eric loves anything odd or kooky that makes a noise, he owns a cutting lathe to cut his own tour records, a vintage rhythm machine that plays drum beats on 8-track cartridges and a customised jukebox that plays cassettes!