Coldcut – 2 Hours of Sanity Pt.1: Love

It’s easy, in this daily avalanche of media, to hype something to the stars and proclaim it the greatest thing in the universe. People are paid to do it for a living regardless of the content they’re pushing but I will only feature items here that I truly think measure up.

As it’s the aforementioned 25th anniversary of Solid Steel, we’re pulling out a lot of the stops this year to bring the very best mixes to the show in the sea of free that is the web these days. We’ve had Coldcut meets The Orb, Kirk DeGiorgio embracing ambiance, classic albums by De La Soul and Public Enemy reconstructed by United States of Audio and DJ Moneyshot respectfully and that’s just the first half of the year.

So it’s a great moment when the creators of the show, Coldcut, step up with the first part of a new mix series – ‘2 Hours of Sanity’ – the first part being a mix ruminating on ‘Love’, and it’s up there with the best. This has been germinating for 3 years, I’ve heard it in various forms for at least the last year and it’s fantastic to finally have them share it with everyone. The word ‘masterclass’ has been bandied about a lot in the few days since this debuted and it’s used with good reason.

The art of the mix is about layering, combining songs, sounds and speech in new ways, in a coherent flow and creating something new from old and new. Many mixes are one song after another, beat-mixed into each other to form a perfect linear trip from A to B. It’s my opinion that the best mixes throw tempo, genre and linearity to the wind and travel from A to Z. You’ll know many of the tracks here if you’ve listened to the show over the years but you won’t have heard them like this before.

Not to forget show producer DK holding up the rear of the show with a solid (pun intended) selection and a rather tasty Bollywood Steel’ mix from collaborator 2econd Class Citizen.

2 thoughts on “Coldcut – 2 Hours of Sanity Pt.1: Love

  1. well you don’t realise that something will become important at the time, you just do what you do but I’m very glad to have been a part of that, yes.

  2. Very much looking forward to listening to this later. Ever since the 70 Minutes of Coldcut Madness JDJ Mix dropped and countless Solid Steel Mixes and the early white labels and Ahead of our time 12″‘s Coldcut has alway been a firm favourite. You must have been chuffed to have been part of the greatest mix of all time Kev (JDJ)?

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