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Since graduating from Camberwell School of Art & Design in 1993 I have been designing under the Openmind pseudonym, a name that originated from a collective of people I was living with whilst putting on Telepathic Fish parties. The logo, left, is the very first thing I designed on my first computer, a trusty Apple LC475 that ground it’s way through many a project in the 90′s. After helping put together a small ambient fanzine called MindFood (weird coincidence?) I started designing and art directing for Ninja Tune in ’94 by reshaping Michael Bartalos’ original lino cut Ninja logo and the rest is …

Artists I’ve had the pleasure to cover in words and pictures: Coldcut, The Herbaliser, DJ Vadim, Funki Porcini, 9 Lazy 9, Amon Tobin, The Cinematic Orchestra, Neotropic, Kid Koala, King Cannibal, Hexstatic, Dynamic Syncopation, The Dragons, London Funk Allstars, the various Ninja Cuts and Solid Steel compilations and of course DJ Food.

Outisde of the Ninja umbrella other labels I’ve worked for: Warp, Skam, Jazz Fudge, Clear, !K7, Pickaninny, Thrill Jockey, Noodles, K-Boro, Worm Interface, Oxide, Fax, including artists such as Autechre, Gescom, Squarepusher, Osymyso, Small Fish With Spine, Bundy K Brown, T-Love, DJ Vadim, The Prunes, Part 2, The Isolationist, Andre Gurov, Mark B & Blade, MC Mello

Artists, Designers and Photographers I’ve collaborated with over the years have included: Delta, She-1, The Light Surgeons, Darco, Build, Oscar Wilson, Henry Flint, Rolito, Kid Acne, David Vallade, Richard Johnston, Martin LeSanto-Smith, Carl Fox, Nancy Brown, Harriet Fuller

This work has always run concurrently with my DJing and music making, largely contributing to the fact that there hasn’t been too much of the latter in recent years.



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