I helped take down the Ninja Tune exhibition at Black Dog today, it’s all gone, wrapped up, shipped back to its owners. Thanks to all who came down and all at Black Dog, especially Marianne Templeton, who put in a ton of effort to make it happen.

XX end web

2 thoughts on “Exxit

  1. I know but it was out of our hands, Black Dog was really the only space to do it in in the time frame we had but they already had another exhibition scheduled to open this week. We were lucky to have something at all really but the timing wasn’t perfect I know.

  2. To sad that this exhibition wasn’t on at the same time as the XX party in London on the 2nd October, so that the fan’s that will come from far away just for that weekend (I will come from Sweden), who are already paying a lot for their trip and for the party could see the exhibition too… To disappointing, Ninja Tune… :(

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