FourFromFoodFridays #17.12

FourFromFoodFridays 17.12
Four From Food Fridays – a weekly look at four things that have been doing it for me. They can be new or old, any style so long as it’s been getting some rotation in the studio. From top left:
The Mothers of Invention – We’re Only In It For The Money (Verve Records) LP – probably my favourite Mothers LP although it’s a close tie with Absolutely Free, Uncle Meat or Freak Out
Various Artists – Unboxed Brain (De:tuned) 12″/DL – 7th addition to the Brainbox compilation from last year
Frank Zappa – the MOFO project/object (Zappa Records) CD – expanded 2 CD version of Freak out! plus there’s a 4xCD version available only from the official Zappa site
Narassa – Viaggio Pop N.1&2 (Cinedelic) Double LP – Italian composers Alessandro Brugnolini and Giuliano Giunti library albums reissued in the most insane packaging

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