Ghost In The Shell posters

Some really nice Ghost In The Shell posters appearing recently. Still don’t know what to make of it from the trailer, it looks great but it seems to have all the hallmarks of any number of Hollywood blockbusters. That could just be the way the trailer was cut though. At least they don’t have one of those classic 80s pop songs reinterpreted in an emo style in it.

ghost-in-the-shell_poster_goldposter_com_3.jpg@0o_0l_800w_80q ghost-in-the-shell_poster_goldposter_com_4.jpg@0o_0l_800w_80q

One thought on “Ghost In The Shell posters

  1. I’ve been very enthused by how this movie has been coming together, but the new trailer has me a bit worried. The Major was never so overtly portrayed as a victim before, not sure I like it.

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