Giallos Flame & Ganzfeld on Rotary Tower

In case you missed it a new label has sprung up with three releases in swift succession in the last 5 months. Rotary Towers first offerings are two EPs from the archives of Ron Graham aka Giallos Flame. Ron had various releases out a few years back, most notably of DC Recordings and then promptly disappeared.

Now he’s back with Archivio Giallo Vols 1 & 2 (plus a third is planned apparently for an August release). As you would expect if you knew his work of old they lean heavily towards the soundtrack and library medium, mostly on the horror, blackploitation and action genres. Heavy drums and analogue synths abound with plenty of homages to famous scores along the way.

The third release (actually no.002 here in the green cover) is by Ganzfeld – Temas Spatiale Vol.1 – which is the debut of a duo and leans more towards jazz than anything else but includes electronics and modern classical elements too. There are plenty of sound clips available to check out over on the new site, neatly divided by colour per artist. The label also acts as a licensing hub for the music, being that it’s so well suited to soundtracking other media.

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