Go Ask Alice

Never seen this poster before but Dangerous Minds posted it and you can watch the film on YouTube if LSD frightspoiltation films are your thing. Whenever I see the name Alice associated with LSD I’m reminded of the Kenny Everett jingle he once did… KE – Alice D
*UPDATE* Seems that this poster was made by Markey Funk in 2006, for Agitpop Records – not for the film at all. It was for a psychedelic mix and here’s it is in three parts with additional info – well worth a listen.

2 thoughts on “Go Ask Alice

  1. Wow, great! I started listening to the mix yesterday actually, it was great but I had to go out. I found it by searching for this image because the Dangerous Minds one was lower quality. Will big up the mix when I get the chance to listen fully, see you Friday.

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