I Am Legion custom toy show, SF, Nov 4th-Dec 4th

Regular blog readers will have noticed a love for Ashley Wood‘s 3A toy company and its works and his legion of fans are putting on a custom show in the 1:AM gallery in San Francisco in two weeks time. A blank severed Bot head was given to each participant, to customise as they wish but it seems a few have gone outside the brief too with amazing results. Over at the 3A forum there has been a slow reveal of some of the custom creations set to appear and the overall quality and ingenuity of some of the pieces is staggering. Wish I could see some of these in the, er… plastic. More to come once the show opens hopefully.

5 thoughts on “I Am Legion custom toy show, SF, Nov 4th-Dec 4th

  1. So… are you considering any of the retail Brambles they announced..? Or are you still trying to get rid of the one(s) you have… ? :)

  2. Great work there – some very talented customisers out there. The Lunar Defence / Shadow Guard tracks on The Shape of… were a nice nod to 3A as well, Kev. Eugene’s still my favourite 3A ‘bot by a long way (until we get Blackblood).

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