2 thoughts on “Invincible Iron Man teaser from 3A

  1. It’s unfortunate the Ash seems to start many things and never finish them, I think he likes something new and exciting constantly. The reality is that now, alongside his own WWR/p, AK and Popbot lines (and god knows how many others, it’s hard to keep up) he’s got Marvel, 2000ad, Portal, Valve, Totem, Metal Gear Solid and probably more. Alongside his gallery work, occasional forays back into books and comics it’s not hard to see that it’ll be 10 years before / if we ever get a full set of ABC Warriors. Given that Marvel will inevitably sell far in excess of 2000ad, I’m betting he will concentrate on that universe to get things ticking over business-wise. The practicalities of such a small operation doing so much means everyone will wait, the 1/6th Mongrol took 8 months from pre-order which is just not acceptable from anyone else but 3A but even that’s pushing it.

  2. Not surprised to see some Marvel stuff pop up already (can I hear you say Cash Cow?) but I wish Ash & Co. would get their finger out and let some more 2000AD figures loose. The wait is getting stupidly long…

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