Is this what KLF is about?

I can’t say too much about these because they’re not legit, but they are very good and make for an indepth journey into the back catalogue of the evergreen JAMMs / KLF etc. Collections of remasters and remixes, obscurities and hits mix with reworkings so sensitive to the originals that it’s hard to tell what’s ‘real’ and what’s not.

This is particularly excellent, extending Jimmy Cauty‘s ‘Space’ to over 72 minutes. If you do some research and a bit of digging around you can find out about and hear some of this material but you won’t find it in any shops.

2 thoughts on “Is this what KLF is about?

  1. This set is excellent as it mixes old & original in with the new dedicated fan remixes of an Era that can never be repeated. If you do a bit more research on the Web You’ll find alot more excellent remixes yet to find their place amongst the ‘Un-Official yet who cares’ set of CD’s that deserve a mention everywhere.

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