Mat Ducasse / Skylab / Disqo Conqrette mix CD

After posting this the other month I was contacted and sent this lovely item by Mat Ducasse himself from Skylab. It’s an excellent mix of French pop, psych rock, electronics and soundtracks, packaged beautifully with inserts and a unique CD sleeve. No idea if you can buy it anywhere but there’s a Disqo Conqrette page with a free mix here (different to this CD) and a sparse Facebook page here

3 thoughts on “Mat Ducasse / Skylab / Disqo Conqrette mix CD

  1. What is this ? Where can I get this ? The original score by Antoine Duhamel is so great… and Godard. Ah ! JLG…

  2. Nice! Thanks for the heads-up on the mix too, I’ll try to track down the CD/package he sent if it’s available… I’m thinkin’ it was a gift though. :) cheers.

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