Peter Serafinowicz mix on Solid Steel

A very special mix went up yesterday on the Solid Steel Soundcloud, something we’ve been angling for for months now and finally the stars have aligned perfectly. On the eve on the release of Boards of Canada‘s new LP, Peter Serafinowicz, actor, comedian, musician and voice of Darth Maul himself, has provided us with a BOC-inspired mix including some of his own compositions as well. It’s a beautiful collection of tracks and a perfect accompaniment to the albums which is hitting UK letterboxes all over as I type.
Also not to forget DK opening the show with his usual style and grace and another lovely guest mix from First Word artist Yosi Horikawa on the eve of his album release.

5 thoughts on “Peter Serafinowicz mix on Solid Steel

  1. Just lovely this is, ear balm.

    I’d love to own a Gelg Look around you album, hope it happens one day.

    Amongst other fun items there were some tracks up on the BBC Look Around You webpages of music from the show ->

    Also check Mr Serafinowicz’s Soundcloud as there’s a few on there too. I think some of acoustic pieces might be on Robert Popper’s Soundcloud for that matter.

  2. It might be a German copyright thing Jan, different territories have different rules for content, for example: I can’t see a lot of US TV content in the UK because of licensing agreements, maybe if you go directly via Soundcloud and the Ninja Tune page?

  3. I still get “The owner of this track has not made this sound available for streaming in your location.” when you post these soundcloud mixes here. Nice one though, love the timing of this release. Class!

  4. I don’t i’m afraid, there was talk of some vinyl release at one time but I don’t think it’s happened.

  5. love it. Had no idea he was behind the gelg stuff for Look Around You too – do you know if any of it has ever been released?

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