Rodina ‘Drumside / Dreamside’

This album is gorgeous, two sides split between drums and dreams by JJ Whitefield of the Poets of Rhythm, Whitefield Brothers etc and Johannes Schleiermacher. This is a big departure from that sound though as the German roots of Krautrock and ambient music shine through. The Drum side charts similar territory to that trodden by The Heliocentrics, Natural Yoghurt Band or Chop but at a glacial pace, drums and guitars dripping with electronic FX. The Dream side is stone cold pure ambient bliss, in the best traditions of Tangerine Dream, Cluster and Popul Vuh, totally organic-sounding and calming. Both sides were the result of a 2 day studio lock in and enough vintage studio tech and substance abuse to keep anyone happy. I’m glad Now Again unlocked the door and let this beauty out – listen to the Drumside (although I rate the Dreamside even more) and buy vinyl, CD or DL.

Here’s also a 71 minute mix of German Space-Rock Classics they just put up on Soundcloud.

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