Skeewiff – Pinball Number Count (Combo Breaker remix)

I only just heard this, a great remix of Walt Kramer‘s ‘Pinball Number Count’ by Skeewiff. With all the 12/12/12 malarky yesterday someone posted it on my Facebook page and it’s excellent. Hop over to Skeewiff’s YouTube Channel and check it out along with many of their other releases. They do a great line in cover versions as well as their own tracks, I’ve ended many a night with their version of ‘Soul Bossanova’.

Several others have also done 3D animated versions and put them on YouTube

This one has ADD with the pitch control

and of course, there’s the Family Guy version. If you still need more after this there are some hilarious versions from foreign Sesame Street episodes with dubbed counting in different languages on YouTube.

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