Space In This Place at the ArcelorMittal Orbit, London

I’ve managed to land myself a gig at the top of the ArcelorMittal Orbit in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London. I’ll be playing spacey sounds whilst visitors have a great view over the city and various other performers play at different parts of the structure. Visitors can expect views like this (except it will be at sundown). Ben Eshmade of the Arctic Circle is putting on the event, the first ever musical one at the site and it will be limited to 300 people only.

Tickets are £20 which sounds steep but they are usually £15 and you get a whole night of music for an extra fiver. Tickets are also limited because of the nature of the structure and at the moment you can call to book on 0333 800 8099. Other performers will be Transept, Astronauts (acoustic) & ex-Homelife band leader Paddy Steer with DJ sets from Inch-time & Ninja label mates Grasscut.

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