The Belbury Poly – New Ways Out LP

BP NWO LP Front Inner
I did some pack shots of the new Belbury Poly LP for Jim Jupp at Ghost Box. The multi-coloured cover art and Rainbow-esque inner sleeve does the music justice; a seemingly random collection of tunes emanating from approximately 1974. Autobahn-era Kraftwerk meets Glitter Band glam stomp meets folk-tinged vocals and sunshine Sesame Street ‘ba-ba-bum’ singalong harmonies. New Ways Out is a perfect title for this release in many ways, it’s his most curious and varied work to date and – much the same as The Soundcarriers and Hintermass releases – pushes out of the usual territory you’d expect from the label. Be prepared to be taken in new directions on 10 track vinyl and 11 track CD, up for pre-order on the Ghost Box shop now.

BP NWO LP InnerBP NWO LP InnerBack 2 BP NWO LP Spine BP NWO LP InnerBack BP NWO LP FrontInnerLP BP NWO LP Back BP NWO LP InnerLP2 BP NWO LP InnerLP
Also coming soon is Other Voices 08 featuring two tracks from Beautify Junkyards on June 10th…GBX718 cover 2000

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