The Natural Curriculum

TNC LP cover
I’m still trying to digest the output from Manchester group, The Natural Curriculum after DJ Format put them in touch with me last month. For the new initiate there’s a lot to take in, just check out their Bandcamp page for releases going back five years now. Their take on hip hop is well left of centre with deep layers of lyricism and untrodden sampling paths whilst staying true to the spirit of the classic rap blueprint.

Rather than being reverential to the past they’re pushing it forward, even their new album title, ‘The Best Fertiliser Is The Gardener’s Shadow’, recalls the absurdity of early De La productions and the cover image (above) isn’t something that immediately jumps out as signalling a hip hop record. With their videos you can also see tongues firmly embedded in cheeks, not afraid to send themselves or anyone else up, again, not your standard hip hop fodder. They have a super limited vinyl pressing of the new album out right now… be quick!

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