The Pink Floyd – The Comic Tourbook


I ran across this recently, a Pink Floyd tour program in the form of a comic. It was sold on their 1975 Dark Side Of The Moon tour and consists of 16 pages with colour cover and back where each band member gets their own story in a classic 70s boys comic kind of way. Roger Waters is a football hero, Nick Mason, the captain of a ship, Rick Wright, a rich playboy and Dave Gilmore, a daredevil biker.
There’s also the famous Ralph Steadman centre spread of the band (was this the first time it was used?), a personality file (where Wright and Waters quickly get bored and start giving joke answers), a quiz and song lyrics. It’s very much in the spirit of the 60s and 70s undergrounds and the alt. press of Oz, Ink or International Times including some un-PC depictions of women. It was put together by Hipgnosis and Nick Mason and featured cartoonists Paul Stubbs, Joe Patagno, Colin Elgie, Richard Evans and Dave Gale – none of which I think I’m familiar with. You can download a full set of scanned pages from here.


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