Three helpings of DJ Food for Record Store Day 2014

As readers of this blog will know, I’ve been lucky enough to have records release on Record Store Day for the last two years and 2014 will be no exception. The difference will be that I’ll be involved in three different releases this year with only two of them being on vinyl.

Firstly there will some new music from me in the form of a remix I’ve done for The Amorphous Androgynous called ‘Tunnel Sequence’ from their spy-funk psychesploitation albums, ‘The Cartel’.

The two CDs are getting the remix treatment in vinyl form on April 19th in a nice reciprocal gesture as it was they who remixed me for my first RSD release back in 2012.

Secondly, more music but you might know this one. My version of The The‘s ‘GIANT’ with vocals by Matt Johnson himself is the only track from 2012’s ‘The Search Engine’ not to be released on vinyl (last year’s quadruple LP version only had the instrumental).

Now my version has been paired with the original on what’s being billed as the ‘GIANT2FACED12INCH’ – a double A-sided release via Sony. Not only do I provide music but I’ve also designed one side of the sleeve which is paired up with an original Andy Dog painting for the cover, see a preview above for the origin of the ‘2-faced’ title.

Thirdly, the non-musical release will be the Dust & Grooves book by Eilon Paz which I’m both featured in photographically and in the guise of writer/interviewer for a huge article about Four Tet‘s collecting habits. ‘Adventures In Record Collecting’ has been on-going for some years now and I got involved about 11 months ago when Eilon visited my studio for a mammoth photo session and Q&A which will see the light of day on his site at some stage.

There’s a strong Ninja Tune presence in the book with an interview with The Gaslamp Killer, photos of Ollie Teeba from The Herbaliser/Soundsci and Mr Scruff who actually makes the cover photo, (I also did an extensive interview with Scruff which didn’t make the deadline, maybe next time).

By a weird coincidence one of the photos shows me doing a sleeve face pose with the very same The The sleeve that features on the ‘GIANT’ 12″ cover, and by the same I mean, the very same. When Matt was putting together the sleeve for ‘GIANT’ he wanted to use the US version of the ‘Soul Mining’ LP sleeve but didn’t have a copy himself so I scanned my copy, the same one in the photo in Eilon’s book.

All three of these releases are a very big deal for me, being asked to contribute to releases by FSOL and The The, two of my all time favourite groups, is pretty special. Being involved in just a small part of Eilon’s book plus the on-going work we’ll be doing after it’s published is new and exciting too, I’ve seen the layouts of the book and it’s stunning.

16 thoughts on “Three helpings of DJ Food for Record Store Day 2014

  1. Thanks Kev. Ordered and in transit. Can’t wait to add it to the rest of the Soul Mining box! Keep up the great work!

  2. One copy in our local Zia Records store I was at…one copy. I got their at 5 am. I was eighth in line which became tenth once others showed up to join others in front of me. I spoke with the gentleman who got the copy. He let me look at the cover. I refuse to act like an animal on RSD to my fellow human beings to obtain music. It just doesn’t seem right. If you hear about copies becoming available, please let me know. Huge The The fan. Huge Ninja Tune fan. Huge DJ Food fan. Thanks.

  3. @ James – well spotted, it’s a version of that, yes. I took that image, re-drew it with arrows and then added a background shot from my TV. Matt wanted my interpretation of Andy’s US Soul Mining cover and rather than try and copy his style I found a similar image and took it from there. I should do a post on the process breakdown now that it’s out there as I have the pencils here somewhere.

  4. I thought the base image used on the dj food giant cover was a still of Matt from Angels Of Deception video?

  5. Thanks Kev. While Las Vegas has hundreds of live venues (hint), we have very limited music stores. Zia’s it for RSD…

  6. Sony should have a wider distribution than Ninja, you could always ask in other stores maybe? I imagine Matt it will see a repress if it sells out too. It’s very difficult to pick a favourite The The song, I can’t even decide between albums let alone singles

  7. I hope I can get my hands on this. I asked about it at Zia Records here in Las Vegas and the Manager said they get what they get… Scored last year’s RSD DJ Food release through Ninja but I imagine since this is a Sony release that won’t be an option this time. My favorite The The song is “Flesh and Bones”. What’s your’s Kev?

  8. Excellent. Want, want, want! Also going to Paris next week so I’ll check out Trevor jackson’s exhibition while I’m there – cheers for the heads up

  9. It’s strange how none of these releases are on the official list. Do you know why?
    They’ll all be on MY list though. :)

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