Z / Bernard Szajner ‘Visions of Dune’

I got sent this the other day and by coincidence (or possible design?) I’m going to see ‘The Making of Jodorowsky’s Dune’ today at the British Library. This record is about to be reissued and shares a fascination with Frank Herbert‘s book, being a concept album based on Dune. The composer is Bernard Szajner‘the French Brian Enoas the press release tell us – and it was recorded in 1979 for Pathé Marconi EMI.

The album is full of droning synthscapes and great drums, definitely a lost classic of the genre and, typically, Finder’s Keepers label boss Andy Votel has already been here and come up with a minimix for us to hear. The album will be released on 25th August on InFiné Reissues from Germany and include two new tracks, previously unreleased from the original sessions. More info here and pre-order here.

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