Acid Badges

39509-topaz-low resolution v2-2x
Numerous original acid or hippy badges found around the web, just because…
39511-topaz-low resolution v2-3x
39515-topaz-standard v2-2x
39516-topaz-low resolution v2-2x
39510-topaz-low resolution v3-2x
39513-topaz-low resolution v3-2x
39514-topaz-low resolution v3-2x
39117_13-topaz-low resolution v2-2x
God Is In-topaz-cgi-2x
LSD Color TV-topaz-cgi-2x
LSD travel agent-topaz-low resolution v2-2x
And finally, something I actually own and scored a few weeks back from a random trawl of eBay – an original Brainstorm Comix badge by Bryan Talbot. Brainstorm was one of the first British underground comics in the 1970s. Talbot’s Luther Arkwright started there and, although the comic was short-lived, it set him up as an artist of some considerable skill which led to him eventually drawing several books of Nemesis the Warlock for 2000AD.

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