Bandcamp Friday recommendations

Bandcamp logoAs you may have heard, Bandcamp, the online shopfront and streaming site for many independent labels and artists, have been having monthly Fridays since lockdown began where they give 100% of the revenue made to artists and forego their cut. Today is another of those days so I thought I’d compile a list of new releases and current personal favourites to check out if you can’t see the wood for the trees.

*also remember that it operates on Pacific Daylight Time which is 8hrs behind UK time. So, buy from 8am onwards in the UK up until 8am Saturday morning to maximise the support for artists and labels or check depending on where you are in the world.

I’ve structured the list Artist / Title / Label then further recommendations if the link is to a label

Timbuktu LP

Timbuktu & Ollie Teeba – Million Dollar Note (Urbnet) – album


Zyklus – Gumbo Gulag (Buried Treasure) – album
also check out: Revbjelde / The Dandelion Set / The Delaware Road compilation


Various Artists – The Isolation Tapes (Castles In Space) CD/Cassette/DL – album
also check out: Clocolan / Dalham / The Heartwood Institute / Concretism / Lo Five / Twelve Hour Foundation / Soundhog

Astral Industries
check out: Heavenly Music Corporation, LF58, Multicast Dynamics, Deepchord
– 50% off the label’s entire discography

ii08 cover colour web
Quadraphonic Stylus Ensemble
– Four Tet in Sixteen Locked Grooves (Infinite Illectrik) – single
also check out: The Infinity Curve (full disclosure – this is my label!)

Keleketla LP
– Keleketla! (Ahead of Our Time/Ninja Tune) – album pre-order

SimfOnyx 7"
– Magenta Skyline/The Unresolved (Delights) 7” pre-order
also check: Project Gemini, Group Modular, Nicola Spiromarino, Markey Funka2680252671_10

ScanOne – Break EP (Yellow Machines) EP

Varonos cover
– Blowback /  Varonos – The Bitch (Acid Cuts) – clear 8″ lathe cut singles

Mat DucasseMat Ducasse – We Are Stardust / Lord of the Cosmos – single tracks

PictogramNT print
– Trace Elements (Miracle Pond)
also check: Beam Weapons

Granary12 EP

Granary 12 – High 1987 (Balkan Vinyl) EP – first of the weekly Balkan Wednesday releases
also check: Luke Vibert, Posthuman, Ben Pest

HowlrndMM 7
Howlround & Merkaba Macabre – Cantor Dust And Monster Curve (Psyche Tropes)
v. ltd. lathe cut 7″ in aid of Iklectik venue support
* this is already sold out but you can buy the digital and support by donating more
also check: Howlround, Sculpture

milleu pt2
Milleu – Statuettes Part Two (Milleu Music) – album
also check: there are just too many to check, the man is a music making machine

Isolation comp SoR
Various Artists
– Isolation Compilation (Shapes of Rhythm) – album
also check – Body Moves, Gaijin Blues
Group MindRichard Norris – Music For Healing (Group Mind) – 20 min tracks
There are now 11 Music For Healing releases, all proceeds go to the charity MIND

Trevor Jackson / Playgroup
– donating 100% of revenue today to the Stephen Lawrence Trust
also see Pre_Recordings

JG Thirlwell CD
JG Thirlwell / Foetus / Steroid Maximus
(Ectopic Ents)
Fill your boots, an embarrassment of sonic riches

Scanner Spore
– Sporehugely expanded reissue available today (inc. ‘Arc’ one of his greatest songs IMO)

If you’re not signed up to Bandcamp it’s easy and for any purchase you make, a digital version immediately goes into your online collection whereby you can then stream on your device or to portable speakers and the like via their app. Artists can sell merch as well as physical copies of their music, you can follow them and other users and explore their collections for recommendations. Here’s mine

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