Belbury Poly – Farmer’s Angle (Revised)

GBX014 10in

Yes! At last I can complete (sort of) my Ghost Box collection with the forthcoming reissue of their first release, now revised and on 10″ vinyl. There will also be a new edition of the CD and a download, all coming on September 10th. No tracklist yet but it’s great to know that GB are going to slowly reissue all their back catalogue on gorgeous vinyl, yeah I’m a sucker like that.

One thought on “Belbury Poly – Farmer’s Angle (Revised)

  1. I swapped a few emails a couple of years ago with Jim Jupp in which I wondered why there were no vinyl releases. He seemed to be worried whether they’d be a financial liability. Glad he’s changed his mind and taken the plunge. I always struggled with the physical presentation of the CDs. I didn’t think the glossy stock was a good call and the lack of a spine seemed far from an ideal solution. I know digipaks are more expensive, but something like Ghost Box is all about the detail. To date, I’ve only bought the first vinyl release, The Advisory Circle ( and although it’s a visual joy, I was again surprised to see the choice of white card rather than something more appropriate, something with a bit of texture and closer to older vinyl packaging.

    Pls keep me posted re the box and covering on Hard Format.

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