Bonobo ‘Cirrus’ zoetrope 12″

Finally, after a couple of teases by Ninja Tune, I can show this beauty off, something that’s been in the pipeline for a while now. Today is Bonobo‘s big gig at the Roundhouse, a full day of music curated by Simon Green and rounded off with a performance by him and his band. With the likes of Gilles Peterson, Machine Drum, The Invisible, Adam Buxton’s Bug, a Boiler Room-hosted space and Solid Steel broadcasting snippets of the event on the web, it should be epic. To make it even more epic 500 lucky golden ticket winners will each receive one of these 12″ zoetrope picture discs of his already classic track, ‘Cirrus’.

I took the original archive loops from Cyriak‘s incredible video for the track and broke them down into circular visuals to make a spinning animated version. Dating back to the first primitive animation techniques of our time, the zoetrope relies on a viewer to see the action happen. This is included with the disc along with assembly instructions so that people can watch while the disc plays. See the above film for an approximation of what the disc does when spinning.

This is all rounded off by a beautiful Leif Podhajsky design on the reverse side. Lovely.

8 thoughts on “Bonobo ‘Cirrus’ zoetrope 12″

  1. Hi,

    Love the zoetrope!

    I found this when searching for round zoetropes for my son’s cubscout den who are learning about early movie making. I’ve found several old public domain examples but yours blows them away.

    Any chance of getting a high res of the graphic?


    Michael Cunningham

  2. It was going to be available last month but Ninja have now put it back to September for some reason, as soon as it’s up for sale then I’ll post about it here.

  3. Hi Kev, lovely work! Did I miss the boat with this release – I check the ninja shop from time to time and hadn’t seen it, but it’s sometime since you posted this so I guess I missed it?

  4. Hi Stuart, it was given to 500 ticket holders at the recent Bonobo show but Ninja are currently pressing more and it will be on sale soon, I’ll post a link when it is. I don’t even have a copy myself at the moment

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