Greenpeace’s ‘Join The Rebellion’ campaign

Remember the VW ad featuring a kid dressed as Darth Vader trying to use the Force to move things I posted a while back? Now there’s a follow up…[quicktime width=”636″ height=”400″][/quicktime]

As you can see at the end, it’s not VW behind this sequel, but Greenpeace, in what has to be one of the most interesting campaigns in recent years. Taking off where VW left they’ve taken the side of the Rebellion and created a whole website devoted to getting VW to change their stance on CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency standards.

They’ve also set up an ingenious way to get people to spread their message through signing up and going through ‘Jedi Training’ to gain points to unlock further levels by referring others to the page. Each click earns you a point and each person who signs up because of it earns you 5 points.

One question begs asking though: Is there anyone who George Lucas WON’T license his franchise out to?



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