Comic Oddities

Various oddities clipped from vintage comics past: ‘Cassette Adventures’ – don’t remember these? ‘This Could Be Your Head’ – hmmmm, indeed. Some great original Star Wars toys ads, love the way they’re already billing it as, ‘the greatest movie of all time’. Check the Spidey-warns-against-sexual-abuse ad! Love the design of the Timewarp logo and the spread of vehicles on the ‘Vrrroooooomm’ ad.

One thought on “Comic Oddities

  1. I’ve got four of those DC Corgis right here….in “well-played-with” condition…..

    The Superman van “SuperVan”
    Batman helicopter
    Daily Planet truck
    The weird Superman Thunderbird 2 shaped thingy with little punchy fists that come out of the front.

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