Dae Lims’ AI-enhanced Smile

This version of The Beach Boys‘ Smile has been enhanced by Dae Lims (Smile Ad?) into a subtlely different take incorporating elements from multiple versions, adding harmonies and spoken word that pushes it to new realms in places. It’s a VERY minimal remix, some tracks don’t have anything different that I can hear but occasionally things will take a left turn from the version you know. As is says on the post: “All songs remixed using AI de-mixing technology.”

*Tracks 3,4,5,6,8,9,10,12,13,14,15 contain new AI vocals.
*Tracks 3,4,7,9,10,12 contain AI enhanced vocals.
*”Do You Like Worms” contains new melodies, partially based on “Little Pad” by The Beach Boys.
*”Child Is Father Of The Man” contains new lyrics and melodies, inspired by the original and 2004 versions of the song.

From what I understand he’s used technology to re-mix and enhance existing mixdowns, generated new voice parts approximating the BB’s melodies, possibly used stem-splitters to pull stereo tracks out for new sections. He hasn’t prompted AI to remake the album – it’s too close and I don’t think that’s possible yet, more used existing apps to take the original apart and put it back together as if he had the master tapes. Whatever he’s done he’s nailed it, it’s respectful to the original material and obviously done with a deep knowledge of the myriad of versions out there. I used to devour bootlegs of this material before Brian finished it and the box sets appeared from the vaults and I truly believe that if it had been finished in the 60s it would have rivalled The Beatles’ efforts that he was so obsessed with. The Child Is Father of the Man/Surf’s Up sections can still reduce me to tears with their beauty on any given day, give it a listen and see what you think before it gets taken down.

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