DJ Food – ‘The Search Engine’ Live at SAT, Montreal

DJ Food ‘The Search Engine’ live at SAT, Montreal from Solid Steel on Vimeo.

This is what I got up to in Montreal recently. Many, many thanks to Anne-Marie Bergeron who put this together at very short notice. If anyone seeing this works at a dome or planetarium, anywhere in the world, and are interested in hosting it in the future then please get in touch. I realise not every dome has a surround system or space to lay on the floor, it doesn’t have to, I will happily work with you to tailor the show to your needs. Contact details are up on the right there…

2 thoughts on “DJ Food – ‘The Search Engine’ Live at SAT, Montreal

  1. Boah, this looks amazing. the photos already gave a nice impression, but the video shows size and scale much better. I wish we had a dome nearby somewhere.

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