DK – Cymatic Frequencies II Part 1

Check this exclusive preview of DK‘s new AV mix – ‘Cymatic Frequencies II’. This is, hands down, the best intro to any video mix I’ve seen yet. Yes the main footage is taken from the film ‘The Third & The Seventh’ but the way he’s overlaid the footage of the speaker into each scene is beautiful, watch it twice, I missed a couple the first time round. Also the minimal placement of the typography within the frame perfectly compliments the clip. It’s like an issue of Wallpaper come to life (sorry DK).

[quicktime width=”636″ height=”380″][/quicktime]

This is the kind of thing I want to see in video mixes, high quality, well designed and thought out sound and vision, he’s raised the bar here and it has been steadily rising all year with Mr Armtone, Hexstatic and DJ Cheeba helping put Solid Steel at No.1 in the iTunes video podcast chart. Debuting on Friday via Solid Steel you’ll be able to see and hear his best of the year round up, and this is only part 1! There’ll be a second session coming before the year is out.

The keen-eyed among you might have also noticed that there’s a new Solid Steel logo book-ending this clip, this has been in the works for nearly a year, batted back and forth and through all sorts of changes in between a million other projects and we finally nailed it last week. Here are a few of the myriad of versions we discarded.

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