Donna Summer zoetrope

It’s not every day that you get a text message saying that Donna Summer‘s estate has approved your design’ but that’s what happened a few months back after I designed a zoetrope for the reissue of her ‘Another Place And Time’ album. I even shot and edited this little promo video, yep those are my hands and turntable. The album’s out today on picture disc with die-cut front cover – order here
Use the third party app StroboScopeApp to view it through an iPhone


3 thoughts on “Donna Summer zoetrope

  1. What app do you use to see the movement effect? I have no idea how to see them on my disc! Thank you

  2. I find it really unfortunate that the title does not correspond with the face of the images of the video clip! I would have found it more logical for the title this time is for real to be on the side of the images!!!

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