Electronic Sound issue 51

Hats off to Electronic Sound magazine for their next issue cover, the best looking (and smelling) magazine about electronic music celebrates all that is European. For anyone outside the UK reading this, the UK has descended into madness, more than half of us don’t want to leave the European Union, and most of the British people never gave it a second thought until a minority of Tory MPs decided that the new EU tax laws would threaten their bank balances thus forcing a weak Prime Minister’s hand into calling an advisory referendum on something few fully understood, either inside or outside of Parliament. The British people have been duped by the 1% and the right wing press while the supposed ‘opposition’ party has done anything but. Two days after we leave is April 1st – April Fool’s Day in the UK – but our country has become an international joke, due to lose much more than we would ever gain by leaving the EU. Rant over

3 thoughts on “Electronic Sound issue 51

  1. We seem to have ended up in the wrong universe. I’m sure things seemed more positive approaching 2000. The 21st century was heading to be an exciting time until the Politicians screwed it up all over the world. What happened to Peace and Unity? The problem is that the worst people to run a country become Politicians and the best people to run a country become Musicians. Mind you, if it were the other way around – the music would be terrible. Perhaps I am in the right universe after all?

  2. Fucking correct in all points. I left the UK a just before Mr Cameron sold us down the river and went on his extensive money talks tour of China. Not long after he spread his daddy’s tax affairs outside his beloved country. My mates think it’s worse than Thatcher, may be that’s the uKs future, im from the NE, which was and still is devastating by the old blue witch!
    Peace and love

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